Hello I'm Amelia and welcome to my doodleblog
Anonymous sent: Are you still in the Off fandom? Just wondering because your Off fanart is how I found your neat drawings! :)

i’m not really active in the fandom anymore, but i’m still a huge fan of the game! it’s one of my all-time favorites and i’ve been meaning to replay it for a while. 

Anonymous sent: OMG HOW CAN YOU BE 15 you are an amazing artist and you are that young?? O: still not over it omg well if you're that young that means you put a lot of effort into your drawings and that you really love doing it :) i wish you luck with all your future projects and i also wanted to say that i loveee yourrrr drawingssss sooooo muchhh you are really an inspiration to me ; v ; good luck!

if it makes you feel better I’m actually 17, not 15. but aaaa thank you anyway! this message really made my week!

quick commission break to draw a killy kill
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quick commission break to draw a killy kill

hello all! it’s that time of year! again!
I’ll be taking bust commissions for $5 each until the end of the month. Gifs will vary a bit more in price (see examples here and here), but will range from $20 to $60. message me if you’re interested and we can work something out!
prices are in USD, and I’d prefer to use paypal only, please. If you’re interested or have any questions, feel free to send me an ask or email me at doodleedoos@gmail.com. Thanks!


hello friends it’s that time of year again!! Commissions are back open. Email me at doodleedoos@gmail.com if you would like me to draw you a thing.

  • all prices are in USD
  • paypal only please!
  • if you would like a background of some sort, please specify what you’d like in your email and we can work something out.
  • since I’m in school right now, your commission may take up to 4 weeks to be ready. If four weeks pass and you have not received your commission, you have every right to come yell at me and tell me to do my dang job.
  • I would rather not draw mechas or NSFW content.
  • However I will gladly draw your OC, fanart, portraits, OTP, icons, or whatever else you’d like me to doodle, up for you
  • If you have an OC, please send me as many references as you can gather of them! It will help me to help you. To help me.

allrighty I think that’s about it. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions! Thank you!

reblogging this since I’ll be opening commissions for busts and animated gifs (in addition to all the above junk) until the end of the summer! More info tba in a separate post.

a while back someone asked me about instagram so i finally got off my butt and made one
you can find me at mimiadraws! although I’ve posted very little art so far weeps

Anonymous sent: May I ask if you are going to an art college and if so which college? By the way your artwork and style are just stunning!

Thank you aaa! I’m actually not a college student— I’m still in high school, but will be applying to a bunch of art colleges this coming fall.

i rewatched kiki’s delivery service the other day and got really sad about leaving home and going to college and all those sorts of things i’m a big sappy nerd

luigis-saucy-moustache sent: Y r u sooooooo gud like omg ur so amaze wow

it’s an honor, mr. luigi

coach steven changed me fundamentally as a person
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coach steven changed me fundamentally as a person